The Ultimate Playlist

~ Wednesday, January 19 ~

Ambient: Model Homes (In-Flight Safety)

 Recently the lead singer of In-Flight Safety, John Mullane came to my school and gave a little information about his experiances in his band. Though a lot of, somewhat trivial, answers were asked - he answered them with the upmost humility. The band has been compared to award-winning artists like Coldplay and I’m completely amazed at the fact that news of their ”greatness” hasn’t reached outside of Canada. They even have enough decency to come talk to a bunch of smelly, emo, highschool musicians! 

My reasoning for choosing this particular song is that a lot of ambient music doesn’t have a solid melody and lacks any definite climax. Model Homes stays pretty consistant through it’s developement and doesn’t stray to much off course, yet it contains melody it doesn’t contain much of a bridge or useless climax. His voice is also just plain easy to listen to. 

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Rock: Kings of Leon

I’d have to say that I’ve grown quite a liking towards Kings of Leon. After releasing their first album in 2005 they’ve released an album every year since, each with a few hit singles. During their first albums release in 2005, Youth and Young Manhood, they’d gained a lot of fans and sparked quite a bit of controversy over whether or not their claim to bring back “true rock” was valid. I honestly can’t sit before my laptop today and give you my favorite song. Before Come Around Sundown, it was a battle between “Molley’s Chambers”, “Ragoo”, “Be Somebody”, and “Manhattan”. Now more have come into the mix - “Immortals”, “Radioactive”, and “Pyro”.

This band has really evolved over the past five years, and that’s what a lof of dedicated fans will love to hear. Caleb’s voice really has drawn itself out since the times of Molly’s chambers and sounds even greater now with Nathan’s accompaniment. The greatest thing about this band is that they’re all brothers. They’re like an older, more mature, version for all of you Jonas fans.

If music be the food of love, play on.
 William Shakespeare
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 This is me, incase you were wondering.

 This is me, incase you were wondering.


Emo: Playing God (Paramore)

adj - Emo: Genre of softcore punk music that integrates unenthusiastic melodramatic 17 year olds who dont smile, high pitched overwrought lyrics and inaudible guitar rifts with tight wool sweaters, tighter jeans, itchy scarfs (even in the summer), ripped chucks with favorite bands signature, black square rimmed glasses, and ebony greasy unwashed hair that is required to cover at least 3/5 ths of the face at an angle.

Now, I understand that the word “emo” carries around some negative connotations (just scan through half of the tags you’ll find on Urban Dictionary). Surprisingly, the abbreviation for emotional has become known as commonly used genre to describe mainstream, punk bands. The truth of the matter is, Paramore’s songs are quite, er, complaintive in nature. With songs like Ignorance, Misery Business, and Playing God, most of them are accounts of Haley’s relationship problems.

Why did I choose Playing God? I guess it’s nice to hear a softer tone to Hailey’s voice when she’s not trying to scream over the electrical guitar. So, without further to do, enjoy. 


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Folk: Winter Winds (Mumford and Sons)

Rising, UK Band Mumford and Sons has gained a lot of popularity over the past year. Band member Ben fears that putting a label of “folk” on their style may limit any room for change in the band’s near future. The band seems to be pretty up-in-the-air when it comes to their style, so due to lack of electrical instruments I’m going to lable this particular song as “folk”.

A lot of Mumford and Sons’ music comes across as lamentations towards former relationships. Though this theme can be overused in North American pop culture at times; Mumford and Sons proceed to push a fresh feel to their album. The rawness of the guitar and Cello in this song make you feel like you’re standing only a foot away from one of their live performances in a London pub. 

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~ Tuesday, January 18 ~

Indie: Rococo (The Arcade Fire)

n.  A style of art, especially architecture and decorative art, that originated in France in the early 18th century and is marked by elaborate ornamentation, as with a profusion of scrolls, foliage, and animal forms. If you’ve ever taken art history you most likely would have covered this. Rococo was an artstyle preffered by French high class citizens; known for it’s excessiveness and affluent way of presenting itself. It showed the person or object being drawn to have or look more excessive than the actually scene that was being drawn. The lead singer of Arcade Fire, Win Butler testifies that their latest album, The Suburbs, is a throw to the pretentiousness of the actual suburbia that he grew up in as a child. Rococo on the other hand, seems more of an outcry towards indie culture in general as it gains more and more popularity. The Arcade fire claims through this song that indie obsessed crowdies claim originality while every other partaker in this sub culture is claiming the same - ”..saying great big words that they don’t understand..”

Anyhow, on a more personal basis - I am Canadian. I love the fact that Canada (over the past couple years) has really been contributing to the rising indie industry. I would feel almost guilty if I didn’t show a Canadian artist. Before selecting The Arcade Fire I was also leaning towards another Canadian band. If you don’t like Rococo, then maybe you’ll like what you’ll find here: 

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~ Monday, January 17 ~

Country: Chicken Fried (The Zac Brown Band)

Country has always been one of those love - hate genres. You either like it or you don’t. Generally, country music caries along some basic themes; represented in Rascal Flatts’ song Country Song Backwards (loss of pride, love, life on the farm, etc). On the other hand, Chicken Fried does the oppposite. It expresses how, “’s funny how the little things in life mean the most…”

Now, whether on purpose or not, the band did a great job at really setting the standards for country music and a whole sub-culture. Country music is an testament to the simplicy of those who were “..raised up beneath the shade of a Georgia pine..” and for those who can find peace in the bare necessities. Country music has and will always seperate it’s heavy listerners from the rest. The “country twang” can be hit or miss with Zac Brown’s voice being laid on pretty heavy at times but nothing compared to that of Dan Tyminski’s bluegrass tone. So without further to do, enjoy.

Ps: If you have any questions or opinions please, tell me on my forum. I’ll be looking forward to your input (as long as it’s appropriate).  


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~ Friday, January 14 ~

The Ultimate Playlist

After long months of careful placement and consensuses from a few, trustworthy people - I’ve managed to come across the ULTIMATE selection of tunes, each with it’s own individual message and genre. If you have a limited taste of music then this is not for you. This playlist is intended to provide something that suites all listeners, if not expand* your own taste. Every genre contains different artists with different messages and melody that can appeal to even the pickiest of listeners.  

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